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Sara A.Tremblay gathers, within a vast conceptual logbook fueled by a photographic and performative approach, fragments that oscillate between the daily and the extraordinary of a life led in the Estrie countryside. Through photography, video, performance, and sculpture, she collects and documents objects, ephemeral actions, interventions, and the transformations she witnesses. Objects from her domestic space, some made by the artist herself; plants she has cultivated; bodies, often her own, but also those of her cat or dog, sometimes that of a small bird found lifeless on her property; reworked previous works. Beyond these elements that testify to lived experience, Sara's projects mainly address moments that surpass their images.

Through a cumulative and intuitive approach, Sara stages life itself, its rhythms and upheavals. The artist invests her own body as an aging artifact, placing it in front of the immensity of a landscape or canvas as a measuring tool or using it to experiment with her environment in an identity quest, even existential. Her work is intimately linked to her place of residence, to the territory and the states of mind that reside there. She thus generates a collection anchored in experience where "artistic and emotional self-sufficiency" (Sylvette Babin, Esse 107) constitutes the guiding principle.

Sara A.Tremblay (born in Les Éboulements, 1983) has been living in Orford since 2018. Her transition to the countryside greatly inspired her and proved to be decisive for her career. In 2020, after several years of slowed creation, she embarked on "Tout t'empêche," a project born out of the difficulty she experienced in continuing her artistic practice due to time, money, and energy constraints associated with creation. This project culminated in the presentation of a solo exhibition at Galerie B-312 in 2023, titled "Poids, plume" (Weight, Feather). The artist's works have been exhibited, among others, at the Colby-Curtis Museum (2023), Centre VU and Œil de poisson (2023), Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts (2019), Stewart Hall Gallery (2018), Vaste et Vague Artist Center (2017), Maison des arts de Laval (2017), Nicolas Robert Gallery (2017), Guido Molinari Foundation (2015), FOFA Gallery (2015), and YYZ Artists' Outlet (2014).

In spring 2020, in response to confinement, she founded "Les Encans de la quarantaine," an auction group on Facebook and Instagram to make the work of independent, emerging, or unrepresented gallery artists easily accessible for sale. In total, 446 works by nearly 400 Quebec and Canadian artists were sold between March 27, 2020, and December 3, 2021, with over $100,000 being returned to participating artists. The works are archived on the Éditions Esse Benefit Auction website.

Sara A.Tremblay holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University and teaches photography at the University of Sherbrooke. She is currently the laureate for the Contemporary Art Prize of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, where her work will be exhibited in autumn 2023. In 2013, she received the first Yvonne L. Bombardier Graduate Scholarship in Visual Arts. She has benefited from numerous artistic residencies, including at Sagamie Center, Centre VU, Université de Montréal Exhibition Center, Rencontres de la photographie en Gaspésie, Guido Molinari Foundation, International Contemporary Art Symposium of Baie-Saint-Paul, Brucebo Fine Art Foundation Summer Residency, and Artscape Gibraltar Point.

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